The Replay

Don’t you hate when you think of something smart to say after the fact…  after the moment has been long over. The conversation just continues to replay over and over in your head.  Not only do you have something better to say, you have invented MULTIPLE things that would have been INFINITELY better than what you did in fact say. If you are me, then you have these conversations with yourself aloud while driving your desperate need of a paint job, Accord, down the freeway.  And when someonImagee looks over at you having this awesome conversation by yourself, with yourself, and answering yourself back, you look at them like wtf… your the crazy one! I’m actually having a productive conversation with myself, by myself playing both the roles of the talker and listener.  WTF are you doing?!!… listening to music? BAH…!

It stinks when you make wish you could have made a different choice.  Instead you have to just own what you said… bleh.  Enough of this nondescript psycho babble.  


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