bathroom code: 05239

Do bathroom codes really work? Urbanites, you know what I’m talking about. The code/key/token you’ve got to ask for when you go relieve yourself.  I’ve never seen one actually deter a vagrant or nearby passerby who needs to pee.  The full bladdered person simply catches the door when the next individual comes out…  So why have them?

Well, in case your city doesn’t have enough traffic on the streets let’s create some in the establishment in which you are patronizing. Kidding… but not really.

Also does anybody know if your allowed  to skip people in line at the register if you are just asking for a code/key/token?  I always do, but I often wonder if its rude.  But then again, I usually have to go so badly that by the time I am trying to seize the key to unlock the bathroom I have zero patience and am extremely uncomfortable.   That being said I am interested in learning what the official etiquette of this situation is…


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