Blushing Blogger… Take Two. Action!

       Hello fellow bloggers of the world wide web!  Nice to meet you.  My name is Rachel.  It’s even my real name.  I was thinking of using a pseudonym because my tech savvy, stalking grandmother loves the internet, facebook, ebay and such…  But then I thought, what do I have to hide from G-ma? Alot. Which made me again, think hum.. I should really have a pseudonym… which is precisely why I’m not going to.  I’m gonna put it all out there.  Or, some of it at least… a baby portion… like a 1/3 cup.  Back to the point, I look forward to much exuberant dialog, retort, and emoticons from all of you.  Kidding about the emoticons.  Well, not really… I mean who doesn’t like to turn their head sideways and try to distinguish what’s being said or not said should I say…?  See, now I’m confused.  Anyone know how to do a confused emoji?  Just kidding. Again, not really.  Well, I have to say the purpose of this blog post is to see if it actually posts.  And, yes, you writer snobs out there I am fully aware I used the word “post” twice in the last sentence…but we we all have a first, and thank God this is one that isn’t suppose to hurt!


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